Because Everyone Has a Price

Several years ago, there was a joke going around.

Guy to gal:  Would you sleep with me for a dollar?

Gal to guy:  No!  (Or Hell, no!  Or some variant.)

Guy to gal:  Would you sleep with me for a million dollars?

Gal to guy:  (Usually would say...) Yes.

Guy to gal:  Now that we know what you are we just need to agree on a price.

It goes with the premise that everyone has a price.  In keeping with that, there's a very addictive website that asks you questions and let's you name your price.  Such as, How much it would take for you to go without the Internet for a year or to take a vow of celibacy for a year.

[If, for some reason, the above link doesn't work, google "howmutch".  It should be howmutch.com but I'm having trouble checking the link.]


  1. Sadly my prices all seem to be affected by stagflation.

  2. Lol, I'll just take the buck that Laoch and Carole (Ramblingon) give up. Just kidding!
    Heyyyy, of COURSE I remember you! I haven't been keeping up with WLS for ages and ages. I only once went there in July to post about a friend's death but that was it. Then I even stopped blogging on Blogger for months until a couple of days ago, too. Sadly, there were 4 deaths in all in a very short time span and it took a real toll on my emotions. Now I'm back, not great, but back.
    I read back on your recent blogs and can you believe we both waxed nostalgic about Halloween? Good lord, esp. I liked yours better, lol. Always did like your blogs, and now I'm lucky to find you again, too. Yessirree, it's been a good day. I'm adding you to follow so I won't lose you in this wide wide web world again :D Cya soon :)
    Oh wait. Almost forgot. I went through the same agonizing "no one is telling the truth or any good facts" in this election, too. Darn, if I could only think who's blog it was that I did this longgggg comment on that very thing and what my newspaper did about it. Shoot, I'm drawing a blank. If my mind returns and I remember, I'll come back and let you know. It was a good thing my newspaper did. Ok, now I'm off.

  3. I checked the link and everyone bet more than me, so I guess as a true Scot I want real value for money.