Thanksgiving by the Presidents

Sure, the first official Thanksgivings in America were to give thanks for safe passage from England, good land to live on, and a fruitful harvest.  NOT for football, overeating, and sales.  But how did we come to celebrate the fourth Thursday of November as a day of Thanks and Praise?  By proclamation of the President and a bit of legislation to boot.  Check it out here.  (In the legislation, notice the other dates that are set forth as national holidays.)


  1. ' good land to live on, and a fruitful harvest. '

    I think they knew what they were talking about, -then- but just like all other countries, the rot creeps in ,the football, overeating and crime, pity, but all in all I think your Thanksgiving is such a wonderful idea and overall a worthy cause.

  2. Yes, it's a time to be truly grateful for the things and people that we sometimes take for granted. And I'm truly grateful to live in this land.

  3. Oh yes, I'm grateful, too....but I'll bet the turkeys aren't.

    Hey, GW, have a truly fun filled day :)

  4. Hope you've had a wonderful day.