Where's the Beef?

After all these years of online purchases, I should know how to complete the sale and checkout with my new items.  But noooooo.  Apparently, I sometimes forget to hit the checkout button.

For our meat co-op, it's a simple one-click at the checkout.  The financial transactions happens when you actually pick up your meat from the delivery location. 

Since tomorrow is the last delivery of the year, I had planned to stock up until next spring.  The freezer was slowly being emptied to make room for a half of a hog, ten pounds of ground beef, six roasters, and ten pounds of the best steaks I could afford.  When I double checked our order, it was all still sitting in my shopping cart.  Not checked out.  No delivery pick-up for me tomorrow.

It's going to be a long winter.


  1. Oh noooooo. That's a darn shame. You know, I've never heard of a meat delivery type of service before; going to look that up on google for my area. I DO remember days of grocery deliveries by young kids on bicycles careening up and down the sidewalks. When I was little and visiting my grandmother in the city, that looked like the best of fun and for a moment I thought, "I want to be THAT when I grow up" but then I saw that those poor boys also had to climb soooo many floors with all those bags. Even they were out of breath in short order. My dream was tossed out in the trash (tg).

  2. Fortunately ants are protein packed.

  3. @Jenny, It's a grass-fed organic farm with cows, pigs, chickens, and turkeys. Sometimes they offer products from neighboring farms like lamb, goose, and duck.

    @Laoch, Ants would probably be organic too.

  4. Loach! That's why I like him though!

  5. Maybe another day, unless the time is limited on ordering.