Where Does the Time Go?

So it's a proven fact.  As we age, time actually speeds up.  Well, maybe it's not proven nor fact but it sure feels that way.  When we were kids, it took FOR-EVER for Christmas to get here.  Now we barely get the lights off the house and, voila, it's time to start planning your Thanksgiving feast.

Okay.  I can deal with that.  Life is whizzing by me way too fast.  But now?

Now it's the days, not just the years, that are breaking the speed limit.

When I signed up for the e-mail daily meditations from the Episcopal Cafe, I thought there would be one in the morning, sort of a paperless Forward Day by Day.  It's the environmentally conscious thing to do.  And I forget to pick one up at the back of the nave until halfway through the current quarterly publication.

But nooooooo!!!!!!

Not only do they send me the e-mail daily devotion, but they send me other devotions throughout the day.  Morning Prayer arrives in my inbox around 8:00 a.m.  The Noonday Office arrives around noon.  The Evening Prayer at 4:00 p.m.  And Compline around 8:00 p.m.

For any non-Episcopalians out there, Morning Prayer, Noonday, Evening Prayer, and Compline make up the Daily Office.  These are services for individuals throughout the day when we should offer prayers.  Episcopalians just don't use an adhan to remind us to pray.  Although some of us (me) need the electronic reminder to slow down during my busy day.

But those electronic reminders don't feel like my day is slowing down.  On the contrary, whenever errands have kept me busy for long stretches of time and I check my inbox to see if there are any urgent or funny e-mails, the Daily Office e-mails remind me that "It's already time for Evening Prayer?!?  Where has the day gone?"

Breathe.  Relax.  Just move everything that didn't get done today to tomorrow's to-do list.  And remember to slow down.


  1. Yes it is amazing how time flies especially when you're my senior age.

  2. It's funny I often have to be reminded to speed up.

  3. Do you remember the book "Future Shock"? Somewhere in the first third of the book it offers and explanation for the speeding up of time and it states that yes, it actually does. I would go get the book for correct spelling of the authors name but it was Alan Tofler..Tefler..one of those. :-)

  4. I was just reminded of how time passes at different rates depending on age. Our youngest daughter (18 going on 30) just mentioned for the zillionth time that she can't wait for Christmas to get here and it seems to be taking forever. Simultaneously I (mid 50s feeling like 200) thought that Christmas is approaching at a break neck pace, especially as I try to figure out how we're going to pay for the any of the items on her wish list!

  5. You cracked me up. I'm Episcopal so I get it, lol. As for the time, every day I think, "What? Didn't all those leaves get bagged just last week? And the pine tags? What's going on, who had me in a coma?" It FLIES by now and I don't like that. I barely wake up for coffee, piddle around with chores and bingo, it's dinnertime and hell, it's even a week later. (now I'm mumblin' under my breath)