One Tequila, Two Tequlia, Three Tequila, Coffee!

God, I love the United States Air Force!  So the guys in the liaison office aren't quite as handsome as the Navy guys (oh, those blue eyes).  But man!  Can they make a killer margarita!

The Air Force birthday is September 18th.  So the liaison office had their birthday celebration today.  Having spent over 30 minutes in the back office trading war stories with the Air Force scheduler and one of the Colonels, the birthday cake and most of the food was all gone.  Nothing else but beer, wine, sodas, water, and made-on-the-spot margaritas.  Hey, after the week I've had, one goes straight for the tequila.  That's when I noticed the chocolate Pentagon.

In chatting up the Air Force bartender, we ended up with a friendly wager of whether the chocolate Pentagon was solid chocolate or hollow.

"Solid," said I.

"Nah, it's hollow.  Just use a fork to break it up," he replied.

"No, it's solid."

"Uh-uh, hollow."


"You're on!"

Guess what!  It broke apart the minute the fork went in.  That Air Force major is getting a free coffee next week.


  1. How fun! I love me some Navy boys, having lived in Jacksonville, FL with THREE Navy bases.. but my bff's bro is Air Force (Ret.). Six foot five, BLUE BLUE BLUE eyes, dark brown hair.. mmmmmmmmmmmmmm boy. She never had ANY trouble getting friends to come over, or help with anything any time he was around!!LOL Have fun at coffee, and thank him for his service! (from Oklahoma)

  2. Wow - I would NEVER bet against the Pentagon being hollow. In any form.

  3. Mom and Dad were both squids, Dad a lifer, so I and all my siblings are Navy brats. I'm the only one who served and I'm a proud USAF vet......14 years between the Regulars and the Reserves. I also worked for Navy MWR for 16 years.