Where's My Empty Lap?

Goooooood Evening, blog buddies!  My Pollyanna is showing.  Mostly because the stitches were removed from my back.  The results came back.  The spot that the doctor cut out was benign.

Let the earthquakes, hurricanes, flooding, zombie apocalypse come.  I'm here and I'm cleared.  Get used to it!  I'm here to stay. 

[Title taken from this.]


  1. Great news! We know what you've been going through. THE BOSS just had surgery to remove a melanoma from the bridge of her nose. The tissue was malignant but her oncologist is certain he got it all and gave her a clean bill of health.

  2. I needed some happy today. Thanks.

  3. YYEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hehe. I know you'll understand if I do a little dance. Been there, done that.. So happy for you!!! BIG HUGS!!

  4. Good to hear. I hope that you and your family will thrive throughout the rest of the year.