As Scarce as Hen's Teeth

Spending 14 years as a full-time mother spoils a person.  No boss to answer to, no office politics, self-determined schedules.  Ah, what a life!

My duck feathers are losing their oils.  It's getting harder for things to roll off my back. I've noticed that my jaw is clenched tightly during the day and doesn't completely relax while at home.  Perhaps some football player can help me pick out a mouth guard to protect my teeth.

Who knew a duck had teeth?

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  1. One of the few positives about my forced early retirement is no longer fantasizing about taking a duffle bag full of guns to work and taking them all out.

    Seriously, after being treated for work related stress twice in the early 90s I was kicked upstairs into management and it was then that I learned all about "hostile work environments and the EEO".