Curious Gaelic

If curiosity killed the cat, then I'm in over my head.  Following a successful reconciliation at church today, changing into casual clothes to cook was necessary.  While sitting in the bedroom fastening my shoes, something bright pink outside the window caught the corner of my eye.

Turning to have a better look, there were two EMT's from the firehouse working on their ambulance.  Both sported a pink that does not readily occur in nature.  Except on maybe some hybrid azaleas or cone flowers.  However, the man getting out of the EMT Supervisor truck wore the usual navy of the department.

Hmm... Is it the Race for the Cure weekend?  Is it the Komen 3-Day weekend?  Are they imitating the Pink Fireman?  Hmm... Curious minds want to know.  Guess I should go knock on their door and ask.  I'll let you know what they say.

[Title taken from this.]