A Church, A Courtroom and Then Hypocracy

I need to fill you in on the EMT's pink shirts.  It turns out that, yes, they are supporting breast cancer.  They're not quite as brave as Marshall Moneymaker.  But they're showing their support.

And in other news... I'm on a pet peeve tear.  Consistency!  Why aren't people consistent?  Being inconsistent can come across as hypocritical in some cases.

An acquaintance of mine is very gung-ho in wanting everyone to follow what the Bible says.  She wants to make sure that gays and lesbians are never allowed to form civil unions.  Because "the Bible doesn't approve of gays and lesbians."  Now, this is the same person who divorced her husband under a no-fault divorce law. 

Growing up in a very conservative Southern Baptist household, we weren't supposed to dance, play cards, or drink.  My divorced grandfather lived with us because he already had a wife, according to his Biblical interpretations.  He never remarried and I never met my biological grandmother until after my grandfather died.  Because she had remarried and was considered an adulteress.

This is the same community that my acquaintance grew up in.  She was schooled in this same Biblical tradition.  Yet she doesn't see that in her own life she doesn't practice what she preaches. 

When are people going to be consistent?  If you're pro-life, then be pro-life until death.  No assisted suicide even for someone with an excruciatingly painful terminal disease and no death penalty.  If you're pro-choice, then let people decide whether they want to end their lives with the help of a family member, friend or doctor and realize that the state can end a life as well.

If you're going to quote the Bible about other people's marital statuses, then let your marital status be a shining example.  Something about "let he among you without sin be the first to condemn" keeps running through my mind.  Now where did that come from?

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  1. The letter of the law versus the spirit of the law. There are some shades of gray.

  2. Sometimes people learn something new and their opinion changes.

    Depends on the issue of course.