Go Along, Get Along?

During my college days, my long-term boyfriend was the grandson of a Nazi soldier.  His grandfather was just a regular German who fought for his country.  In fact, many Germans sat idly by while their leaders tried to spread their ideals to other countries. 

A couple of weeks ago my blog post bordered on alarmist.  A friend had voiced a prophecy some years back that now seems to be coming true.  This was no ordinary prophecy.  She warned of a growing movement that could overtake us without our resistance.  She warned of economic woes, a growing divide between economic classes, and a rigidity that could mean intolerance towards some groups.

There have been several disturbing articles recently that bolster her prognostication.  Imagine a country full of people who are proud patriots, nationalists, true believers in the absolute military power of the country.  It's not so bad when it's us.  But imagine if that country were Spain under a present-day Franco or Italy ruled by a present-day Mussolini.  Remember during the '30s all the swastika-emblazoned flags that lined the streets of Berlin.  Now imagine a fiscally-sound Germany who bails out weaker economies insisting that countries pay fealty to their German saviors.

Imagine if it were us instead of the Germans.  Would we sit idly by like the good German people of the 1930s did?  Would you leave the country?  Would you focus your energy on reclaiming your country?  Would you live a quiet, consenting civilian life?  Or join the military and climb to the top of the ranks?  Would you go along with the people in authority?  Would you throw your moral reservations to the wayside and join the army?  Would you put a belief in your chosen political party ahead of the country?  Would you be proud of your country and your heritage to the point of wanting the country to look exactly like what you think it should look like?

Have we already met the enemy?  Is he us?

[Take the Would-I-Be-a-Nazi test and tell me what you would have been.  Me?  I scored as an Expat.]


  1. I am sure I will end up in a camp eventually if I survive long enough. Evil always triumphs in the end.

  2. I believe that we may be sliding down that slippery slope that Germans faced back in the 1930's.
    It seems that the "political correctness crowd" is getting way too much power in labeling Conservatives as idiots and racists. It puts me in mind of the crap that happened during the Spanish Inquisition, or the Salem Witchhunts.
    Guess I'd better step down off my soapbox before I get "evicted from Blogspot"...which I could see as a possibility in the future if "Big Gov't" ever gets control of the internet!