I Love My Pet

Left to my own proclivity, my neighbors would know me as the modern-day St. Francis, although it would be Frances instead of Francis. That's putting a nice spin on being the crazy lady who takes in all the stray cats.

There's a site on Facebook which a friend of a friend of a friend suggested - Pets on Death Row. It lists the shelter where the animal is, gives the phone number, and tells the time tomorrow morning that the pictured animal will be euthanized. Why on earth did I sign up for such a depressing site?

There are enough homeless pets, especially now when the economy makes feeding and caring for pets a luxury some people can't afford. If you're a pet owner, please spay and neuter your pets. If you're not a pet owner, there are some adorable animals out there just waiting for a home.

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  1. We adopted Buddy and Molly from shelters; Buddy on the first day he was available for adoption and Molly 2 hours before she was to be put down. What was really sad was that Molly's adoption fees were waived because she had already been spayed before being abandoned.

    I just don't know how those people working at the shelters can do that job. I wanted to bring all the animals home on both shelter visits.

  2. I've always gotten my babies at shelters or off the road, or from someone that would have taken them to the shelter. I can't have any here, which really sucks, but... Maybe I'll get a bird!? I used to be the neighborhood crazy cat lady, but, cats get old, and you have to deal with it.. *sigh* I miss my babies. I'm like Rocket Man.. I always want to take all of them home!!

  3. Been there, done that.
    Got three.
    I said one. One only. Just one...more life to save.