Not So Clean Break

There will be a short break in the challenge.  After gearing up for my first motorcycle ride in almost four years, the pins in my finger were dislodged while wearing the protective gloves and spending a couple of hours on the motorcycle yesterday.  The pain that had been occurring on both sides of my knuckle shifted all to one side.  The knuckle looks not only massively swollen but also deformed.  Even the mini Ace bandage wrapped around it to control the swelling sends me into stomping fits accompanied by more expletives than most sailors know.

Oxycontin is my constant friend until the doctor's office opens tomorrow morning.  The new hand doctor (finally got to see him over three months after my original hand doctor's untimely death) said two weeks ago that his office would call me to schedule the in-office operation to remove the pins.  Call me?  My a$$!  It reminds me of "Don't call us, we'll call you."

This has been one long weekend.


  1. Whoa. More fingers woes. Haven't you endured enough?

  2. Oh, but that stinks! Praying. gail

  3. Not good. Hope it is fixed ASAP


  4. Kind of makes me wonder which finger you'll show the new Doctor first.