A Song For Every Season

Lucky number thirteen.  Today's challenge is:

13.A picture of your favorite band or artist

Band?  Artist?  Jeez, make it difficult!  Which do you want?  How about both?

Band?  Can that be just a singer?  If so, hands down, it's Johnny Cash.  But then there's also Hank Williams III or Ralph Stanley and His Clinch Mountain Boys.  So Ralph and the Boys is more of a band.  If it's a group you're looking for, it would have to be U2, The Who, or Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band.

Artist could be any number of things.  But my thoughts on this are keeping it limited to paintings.  In that case, there are three that require an extended viewing.  John Singer Sargent, Frederick Leighton, and Gustav Klimt.  My three favorites by each are here, here, and here.

There's no way to narrow it down any more.  My tastes change with my moods.  There's a song for every season.


  1. The older I get the harder I find it to make these kind of lists,something I had no trouble doing when I was young. An interesting something in one's outlook changes with the passing of time. No doubt a good sociological study could be done on this.

  2. Laoch - We're the same age! If I can do, you can too.