Sittin' on the Roof of the Apartment*

Welcome to the fourth installment of the 30 Day Non-Facebook Prose-Instead-of-Pictures Challenge.  To keep the list from getting too long, there will only be three previous challenges shown on each day's post.

2.A picture of you and the person you have been closest with the longest -- Check
3.A picture of the cast from your favorite show -- Check
4.A picture of your favorite night -- This is it

How the night began is foggy in my memory.  Perhaps it was with dinner and a movie.  Perhaps we had been hanging out with a group of friends at a local watering hole.  That part's not too terribly important to the story.  The important part was my suggestion to take a bottle of bourbon and sit on the roof of my apartment building.

The roof was not intended to be a deck.  It was just a flat roof on an older apartment building in the direct landing pattern for the airport.  Watching planes' headlights approach from the south upped the heart rate until the planes banked with the bend in the river.  The planes looked as if they would fly straight into us.  Soon the planes ceased arriving due to restrictions on when planes can arrive and depart.  Yet the party at a close-by townhouse continued to drone on into the night.

We sat on the edge of the roof, drinking bourbon straight from the bottle.  The conversation ebbed and flowed.  Quietness was filled with vain attempts to find stars in the metropolitan light-polluted sky.  Soon voices from the townhouse party ceased.  What time was it?

Whose suggestion it was to stay up on the roof until sunrise I don't remember.  In the relative silence, staying awake became more difficult as our conversation ebbed more than flowed.  Sitting on a hard, flat roof with no back support made me crave my soft bed just below us.  Soon we were headed towards the stairs.

The length of time on the roof must have been several hours.  The before and after are lost in the cobwebbed, unused stacks of my mental library.  But my night on the roof with Matt is by far one of my favorite and most memorable nights.

*Title taken from this.


  1. I thoroughly enjoyed this! :-) I will try to remember mine. Ooops, I think I just did. It was in New Orleans.

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