Somebody's on the Beach*

When the house is full of noise, and the kids are asking "Why" and "What" and "Who", and the dishes need washing, escaping to a favorite memory would be like a trip to a tropical island paradise.  Favorite memory is today's challenge in the 30 Day Non-Facebook Prose-Instead-of-Pictures Challenge. In an effort to keep you up to date, here are the last three challenges.

3.A picture of the cast from your favorite show - Check
4.A picture of your favorite night - Check
5.A picture of your favorite memory - Today

So come escape with me.  Imagine being on the island of Puerto Rico.  The turquoise Caribbean Sea rolling onto the white sand.  The warm sun (even in November) caressing your skin.  The shadows of the palm leaves dancing across the pages of your book as the breeze gently moves them.  And huge iguanas scurrying underneath your hammock.  Nobody on the beach but me.

It was my first sabbatical after becoming a full-time mother.  Time away just for me.  Alone.  No kids, no husband, no dishes to wash, clothes to iron, carpool to drive.  Just me and my book and the beach. 

Typing this tonight, Finola was reading over my shoulder about today's topic. 

"Mom, do any of your favorite memories involve us?" she looked up at me from the floor where she lay petting Thing 1.

My mind raced through all three of their births and how happy I was.  I paused and heard the other two and Mr. Gaelic arguing about who ate the ice cream.  The brand new container that was full last night but was now half eaten.  Out of the container itself!

I looked lovingly into Finola's eyes and assured her, "Not right now."

She rolled her eyes at me.

*Title taken from this.

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  1. Solitude on a beach with book and ocean...I understand. Completely:)

    Lol."thing 1"