All Over But the Snortin'

[Note to self: Check the “other” email account more often.] I have an off-line friend who’s been reading my blogs on a daily basis. How do I know this without his/her hometown showing up on the FeedJit list? Easy. My Blogger account is set to automatically email him/her a copy of my blog.

Well, said friend knows a lot of my jokes before I type them. But s/he still gets a kick out of them. Only problem, I forget to check my “other” account. Then when I do, there are lots of replies, comments if you will, on the blogs. Little inside jokes and the like.

S/He’s the master of blithe one-liners. If I save up enough off-line retorts to my blogs, I can have a really long laugh. Even if I do read them on a daily basis s/he’s able to do something that not everybody can. More than making me laugh, s/he can make me snort.


  1. Now that's good! Anyone that can make you snort is worth keepin' around!! I hope you'll check that email more often.. I know you need some snorts about now!

  2. love the snort!
    EVEN more the tears and silent laughing- which today happened twice to myself. Not a normal thing for sure!

  3. Snorting is definitely underrated, except of course in court.