Hail Mary

The Trifecta. The Grand Slam. The Troika.

My "baby" was the Blessed Virgin in the Christmas Pageant this year. Resplendent in her blue robe and veil. She just didn't know Joseph's name.

My eldest daughter began the tradition. Joseph so impressed her that she didn't remember who he was two weeks later. Better than my middle daughter. She "divorced" her Joseph.

It's sort of bittersweet. This is the last year we'll attend the children's service during Advent for the pageant. We've graduated to the main service, the "adult" service, the eleven-o'clock service.

Three daughters, three Marys. I am changing my name to Anne.


  1. lol What a sweet tradition to always remember though.

  2. My real name is Mary and I'm a virgin if it's true that it can grow back after a certain amount of time. But I've never been reverent enough to play THE Mary in a pageant.

  3. now THAT made me chuckle. Thanks.......