Your result for Survival Test...

Weekend Warrior

16% Death and 67% Survival!

Way to go, you are awesome! Although it has been a rough go, you probably have made it out in one piece...you are alive!

If you are a man you are sure to catch the eye of some fair maiden and sweep her off her feet with those skills...good going.

If you are a women look out, some man will snag you up for your willingness to get out there and rough it... Ooo Baby!

You sure do have some great knowledge, but you might want to brush up on a few things to be a "survivalist". Grab a buddy or two, take all you need to survive and then practice in a safe environment. You guys are amazing!

There are many resources on the web for wilderness survival, please check them out. However, my personal favorite is Hoods Woods.... but decide for yourself.

I would appreciate it if you could vote on my test. Thank you

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  1. Wilderness survival?? I camp at the Best Western!!

  2. Oh fun!
    The outdoors is my second home as long as it's warm!
    Not much of a cold weather type of gal

  3. OMG....

    My score was: Once a year backpacker
    39% Death!

    Maybe some of the answers could've been:

    a) you wake up and it was all a terrible dream
    b) run like hell


    I think that'd help me get a higher score LOL