Am I sad because it rains or does it rain because I'm sad? My mood and the weather have been on par the past few days. Misty.

As a full-time mom, I spend a lot of time in the car running errands, running kids places, what have you. "Stay-at-home mom" is a misnomer.

Usually my routine would be that when I'm in the car I use the time for phone calls. Okay, don't lecture me on the hazards of driving while on the cell phone. That routine was shattered several weeks ago.

My favorite drive-time phone buddy was my father. We'd talk about nothing, and everything. Since I've been back home, my drives have been much lonelier.

Yesterday as I was driving around in the drizzle, I picked up my phone and had to stop myself from pressing his speed-dial number. Instead, I started calling anyone else I could think of. Almost all of my girlfriends have office jobs and couldn't talk. My other friends were out of pocket and couldn't be reached. Moving down the list, I called my favorite aunt. My uncle told me she was out shopping. She doesn't own a cell phone. I love my uncle, but he's not who I wanted to talk to.

When will the sun come out?


  1. Awww dang! I wish you had called me at work. I was bored to tears until about 3:00. After 12 years I still think "Oh, I need to call Mother..." anytime something cool happens. Like you, it was such a habit for me to call them all the time.

    One good thing about the sun...it WILL come out again.

  2. Your sadness is understandable. I pray for comfort for you. g

  3. I'm in the same boat with you. These grey skies put me in a mood that matches - it's always done that to me. My dad passing away this fall has only compounded the problem.