French Benefits

Why is it that French men can be so romantic without breaking a sweat? Case in point... I was procrastinating about writing Thank You notes to my father's pallbearers (they were six of my cousins, the Probate Judge and the Circuit Clerk of my small hometown). What better way to waste good daylight than to surf the 'net for soft-porn news? Calm down, you prudes out there. Soft-porn news isn't what you think. It's that fluff stuff that we waste so much time on: the Top-Ten Most Caffeinated Cities, 7 Ways to Lose Belly-Fat, 5 Gas Sipping Trucks. You get the idea.

I came across 100 Things to Renew Your Faith in Love. Just what the estrogen-heavy demographic needs to put off what we should really be doing.

One man, from Paris no less, said that he loves his girl because "she is comfort; loving like an embrace. Her eyes look like home." Do they teach this stuff in school over there? Do guys learn it from their fathers? No wonder they're world-renowned for being such great lovers!

A lot of our guys could use some pointers. If you want to get somewhere with your gal, talk to her. Tell her she looks terrific. Tell her other things as well. It's amazing what words can do to a woman. And you'll be amazed at the fringe benefits to which the simple act of talking will lead.


  1. You are soooo right! Have you ever seen the Steve Martin movie "Roxanne"? If not, you need to. It's exactly that.. you can actually fall in love (or bed) from words alone..I know I have..LOL

  2. My Father was raised in France and he was a very romantic man - unfortunately too romantic as he was also a womanizer... and I say womanizer in a good way... he loved women, I was fortunate (or unfortunate) to have got all of his traits - all of them! it bothers my mother at times - I don't know if she wants to kill me because I look and act like pops. but he knew how to get a woman and how to keep one and though I have a habbit of going from relationship to relationship I know the secret of keeping a woman and I know that listening is important but so is the ego - I tell everyone who comes to me with their problems that they have to feed the ego of the other person - man and women need to here good things about themselves. they need to feel needed and wanted. I have stayed in relationships I shouldn't have stayed in simply because the women told me the things I wanted to hear and made me feel important...

  3. well said! and YES- it's amazing-

    speaking of which- you've got a great poet on your list of followers as well.

    he has a way with words and lives in ABQ!!! yay! not France!


  4. Wow. "Her eyes look like home?" Wow. Beats the hell outta "Hey, girl. You got some niiiiiice titties." Obviously rednecks are NOT French. {sigh}

  5. I've finally found your correct address! Sorry I haven't been around. I thought you were some where else.........g