Don't Call Me Miss Hannigan

As I write this, there are ten 4th- and 5th-grade girls singing along to Mamma Mia in my family room. They're here for a Girl Scout troop sleepover and movie night. The plan was for the movies to be progressively quieter and sedated-er. Yeah, right. After they've sung the last sing-along song, I'm putting in Miracle on 34th Street or the Polar Express.

If you don't hear from me in a couple of days, send out a cyber search party. I'll probably have drowned in little girls.


  1. Mamma Mia is pretty cheerful at least.

    Happy new year.

  2. You are a better woman than I, G.W. Bless you, gail

  3. I love Mamma Mia! If I had been there the girls would have been coming to you saying, "Pleeeease, Miss Hannigan, make MizAngie leave the room. She's taking up all the good dancing space!" Ha!! My nieces and I used to choreograph our favorite songs into [lousy]dance routines. Please, may I come to the next Girl Scout sleepover? Pretty please? With sugar on top?

  4. my grown children who live nearby, my brother-in-law and sister-in-law who also live nearby,my wife and i also sang and danced to ABBA songs last night during an impromptu party at my house