God, Buddha and a Roman Emperor

I saw a wonderfully thought-provoking tee-shirt last week. It read, “God isn’t a boy’s name.” Shocking!

If you could be a fly on the wall of my house, you’d soon see that I am the great questioner and my husband is the all-powerful answerer. Questions aren’t really questions, so much, as they are statements to segue to conversations.

My all-time famous segue being that the universe itself (whether you believe in the Big Bang theory or in creationism) proves the existence of God. My assertion is/was that all that matter and energy had to come from somewhere. What was there before eternity? If the universe goes on to infinity, how can it be expanding? What is it expanding into if it’s infinite?

My husband grows tired of my questions at times and begins quoting the stoics and the Buddhists. He has engrained in my mind the first truth of Buddha – all life is suffering. His other famous quote is from that stoic Marcus Aurelius who cautioned against spinning like a top after things in the nether realm.

As my husband has found out, being the all-powerful answerer doesn’t guarantee that I’ll accept his answers. I just want a lead-in to a discussion. Sort of like the tee-shirt.


  1. Yep, i love questions. Especially the ones with no answers.
    HAPPY DAY to YOU !!

  2. Ahh, ye olde "if a tree fell in the woods..." concept of conversation starters. Good stuff. The one that really gets people going is, "If God can create anything, can he make a rock so strong even He can't destroy it?" What I want to know is...who thinks up questions like that? Ha!!

  3. giggles~

    At work we got into the actual color of the sun-
    OF couse he said it was green-
    I said white-
    Tis fun to have discussions like these!

  4. another of your superbly composed blog entries--you may already know that Grace Slick and Paul Kantner (Jefferson Starship alumni) named their son God