The other night our church celebrated its 200th Anniversary. The Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church in the United States preached and celebrated the Eucharist. Following the service, 500 congregants broke bread with the Bishop.

Being good Whiskeypalians, cocktails were served before the dining room was opened. Yup, free bar. Red and white wine? Check. Beer? Check. Bourbon on the rocks? Check. "Can you do a martini?" "Vodka or gin?" But, egads! The bartender put a lime in the martini because he didn't have any olives.

Your choice of red or white wine was offered with dinner. I saw some people ask for and receive both. The problem with drinking on a school night is that if you drink too much you still have to appear to function the next day.

After three drinks I was three sheets to the wind. As I told one friend, one drink, one sheet, two drinks, two sheets, etc.

There's another problem that most people don't seem to suffer from. I guess it's only me. My computer doesn't recognize when I shouldn't be typing emails due to alcohol intake. Coming home from the dinner, I sat down to check my email and started zipping off emails to folks. It was only after suffering through a painfully parched workout the following morning that I realized there were some emails I probably could have been a little more tactful on.

So here's my semi-public mea culpa. I'll try to restrain myself next time from emailing while intoxicated. At least I wasn't guilty of Blogging Under the Influence.


  1. You need that new program that I think it's Hotmail is coming out with! It's set so that, to send emails, you have to do a set of math problems. If you can't do them, the emails go into a folder to be reviewed at a time when you CAN do the math, since most people can't do math when they've been drinking... I was amazed that anyone thought this was necessary, but I now see that I may have been hasty in that judgement. Drunk emailing may really be a national scandal, just not uncovered til now!! Now, I can see a small problem with this.. I can't do much math to start with.. I wasn't bad in Algebra, but that was a VERY long time ago!! So, theoretically, I wouldn't be allowed to send any emails, ever again! Probably if I'd been drinking, I'd have the best shot at solving the math!!LOL Not that anyone would be upset if I was never allowed to email again... wait, there is one person... oops, no, he'd just laugh..

  2. don't drink and blog either....I'm just sayin'.

  3. I definitely need to check into the Episcopalian faith. Us Catholics are offered wine. But a martini? Beer? Obviously I was born into the wrong faith!!

    Merry Christmas from the lady who is appreciative of the fact that the tree is up - even if it isn't decorated!