A Complete 179

After yesterday, the only way things could go was up. And up they did. But it didn't look like it would at the start of my day.

You know how you set a time for service "professionals" to be at your house. Regardless of what service they provide - be it the cable guy, the plumber, the refrigerator delivery man, you name it - and that time isn't a hard and fast rule. It's more of a suggestion.

Which means that the roofers putting a new roof on our garage were over an hour late. I rejiggered my schedule and voila! My day wasn't a complete and total disaster.

Around noon-ish, I got to have an awesome workout. My heart rate was in the cardio zone for a sustained period; I didn't have any pressure on my knees so no pain from yesterday. The air in the space was cool so that as my body temperature went up I didn't end up a complete mess.

I talked to a friend who I hadn't been able to connect with in quite a while. Since I expended so many calories, I treated myself to a healthy lunch of McDonald's topped off with a sweet tea.

Life is good.