Mulligan Goo

I'm taking a do-over on today. Complete with crawling back into bed with the covers over my head. Let's recap the day so far:
  • It's raining.
  • While on the phone, I walked out to get in the car not remembering that I was on the land line not my cell phone. I promised my husband I'd call him back on the cell phone when I was in the car.
  • At ballet on the first pliĆ©, my tights ripped in the crotch seam.
  • On the second pliĆ©, my knee popped and I ended up wearing a knee brace during the rest of class.
  • After class in checking my email on the Blackberry, my lech of an archery coach wants me to deliver his Girl Scout cookies tomorrow morning.
  • I finally remembered to call my husband back while running errands.
  • On the way home, I drove right past the pharmacy and forgot to drop off my daughter's prescription.
  • As I was changing from my ballet outfit back to my civvies, the cat pushed the door open right when I was buck naked and the three guys working on the gardening next door got a cheap thrill.

Methinks I should stop while I'm behind.


  1. Or something a wee bit stronger than the tea was called for on this day?