Old Lady Disease

My husband will be speaking at a conference in Tuscon and needed a head shot for the bios on the group's website. Since he doesn't have professional head shots and needed them like last week, he asked me to take a few pictures of him against a neutral background at home.

I zoomed in with the digital camera and counted to three. FLASH! ZIP! I looked at the proof quickly. He blinked.

"Let me try another one."

FLASH! ZIP! He blinked again.

"Don't blink!"

FLASH! ZIP! Again!

I broke down laughing. "Don't do that!"

FLASH! ZIP! Again!

My laughing became hysterical. "Don't blink!"

FLASH! ZIP! Again!

I couldn't stand up straight, doubled over guffawing. Tears began to run down my cheeks and my sides hurt.

We tried more, each time with the same results. I could barely steady the camera anymore. I doubled over with such laughter. I was scared that I might wet myself I was laughing so hard. But, thankfully, I'm not THAT old yet!


  1. So did you capture any pictures. I've taken, in situations like yours, to doing a three picture snap, where I push the shutter button and the camera takes three pictures. That usually works. And no I don't have an expensive camera ($300); just a nice one. :o)

  2. When I try and take a photo of my husband, he contorts his face into something I have never seen, and he always ends up looking very odd. Also, he closes his eyes a lot. Drives me crazy.

  3. I have a bff like that. She either freezes up and looks like a zombie, or she blinks! I have lots of shots looking like she's asleep doing things!!LOL Well, did you try again later and get one?

  4. I'm offended at that whole "I'm not THAT old" statement because, well, I AM that old. Ha!!

    What kind of panties do you wear...cotton or nylon? Ummmm....Depends...