Hunt of the Litter

Devotees of Flylady know how to clean thoroughly. She breaks your house into five Zones that you focus on deep cleaning for one week a month. Okay, not every month has that fifth week; so Zone 5 isn’t hit very often. Each day of the week for each Zone is a different part of the room(s) so that everything doesn’t have to be finished in one day.

When the Zone for the main bathroom rolled around recently, it got a major once-over. One day was scrubbing the toilet and around the base. One day was scrubbing the sink. Another day was washing out the trash cans. The day for washing out the trash cans is a good day to wash out the kitty litter pan and wipe down the wall near the pan.

It just happened to be a really nice day; so after scrubbing the pan, I left it outside in the sun to dry. And proceeded to run my errands.

Hmm, must have been gone too long because the cats greeted me at the door with a scolding meow. Quickly retrieving the litter pan and putting a liner in, I discovered that no one had put kitty litter on the grocery list and we were out. By the time we got back from the store with litter there was already a yellow puddle in the liner.

Such good cats! Waiting for their litter pan to be returned. But not caring if there was litter or not. At least my floors don’t smell like cat pee.


  1. I am afraid to ask more about this "flylady" person.

  2. Laoch, I should have put a link to FlyLady. Here's the link http://www.flylady.net/. Maybe that's a blog for another day.

  3. I don't do flylady, just don't look to close for the dust, I have the lived in look...