Strip on the Radar

Headlines need to grab a person’s attention. If you see a tidbit of something of interest, you’ll want to read more. A good deal of my news comes from reading things online – the newspaper, news blogs, friends’ blogs and just plain gossip. Most of the gossip comes from reading Facebook rather than Blogger.

As with most social websites, you post a profile picture. However, I for one do not take good photos. I’m not a bad photographer. I’m a very poor subject. I dislike the way I look in pictures something fierce.

When it came time to upload a picture for the profile, the least of all evils made the cut. Just barely. Then the most perfect idea sprang into my head. Profile pictures don’t have to be of the person they’re profiling. They could be expressive of the person’s mood or activity at any given time.

What better way to express my fiercely non-PC ways but with vintage pinup girls in various poses! So far, the girls in my profile have warmed themselves by the fire, wished visitors a Happy Easter, luxuriated in a field of flowers, swung on a gate, gone on a picnic, played with a puppy, and many other activities.

Maybe a daily or weekly pinup girl would spruce things up around here and catch more people’s attention. Finally put me on the map. What d’ya think?