To answer the burning questions of last week...

1) What did I learn to drive in?
a) 1965 green Mustang convertible
b) 1980 Chevy Chevette
c) 1972 green AMC Gremlin - 2-door 3-on-the-floor hatchback
d) 1979 white Cadillac convertible

2) What is my favorite season?
a) Spring
b) Summer
c) Winter
d) Fall - preferably in the mountains

3) If I were diagnosed with a terminal disease, what would I do?
a) Cash out my life insurance and go climb Mt. Everest - if I'm gonna die, better have some fun beforehand
b) Enroll in every clinical trial I could find
c) Write a book
d) Throw a pity party and invite everyone I know

4) What do I snack on at a movie?
a) Junior mints
b) Popcorn - with butter
c) Nachos
d) Sour patch kids

5) What am I scared of?
a) Spiders
b) Heights
c) Snakes - even pictures in books and on TV or movies
d) The dark

6) What color predominates my closet?
a) Navy
b) Black
c) Brown - like the colors of Autumn
d) Beige

7) What is my favorite store to shop in?
a) Abercrombie & Fitch
b) Gap
c) Target
d) Nordstrom's - I didn't say I do it often

8) How many years did it take me to graduate from university?
a) 3 - Miss Smartypants - thanks to testing out of history, French and calculus
b) 4 - Right on time!
c) 5 - I missed one credit hour
d) Um - Don't tell my parents that I didn't

9) My favorite chip flavor is _________.
a) Barbecue
b) Ruffles Original
c) Salt and Vinegar - makes me pucker
d) Sour cream and Onion

10) What was my first pet's name?
a) Marmalade
b) Tiger
c) Calico
d) Sunshine - an orange tabby

11) What is my favorite Disney movie?
a) Beauty and the Beast
b) Mulan - strong female lead who doesn't do everything in hopes of a man
c) Cars
d) Toy Story

12) Favorite childhood game is ___________.
a) Tag
b) Hide and go seek - the pro of hiding
c) Monopoly
d) Chutes and ladders

13) I secretly would like to be a ______ for a day?
a) Famous Singer/Actor
b) CIA Agent - thanks to my academic advisor who was a recruiter
c) President
d) Dictator

14) My favorite sport to watch is ________.
a) Football - any SEC team
b) Baseball
c) Soccer
d) Basketball

15) If I had to eat the same kind of food for a month what type would it be?
a) Mexican
b) Chinese
c) Indian
d) Italian - so many to choose from

16) My favorite drink is _______?
a) Pinot noir
b) Guinness
c) Cosmopolitan
d) Old Fashioned - love my bourbon

17) Where would I spend my vacation?
a) The mountains - reminds me of home
b) The beach
c) The Big Apple
d) The Big Easy

18) If I was running out of my burning house, what item would I grab?
a) Purse/wallet
b) Photos - reminds me of family
c) Shoes
d) Cell phone

19) What perfume do I wear?
a) Nuit de Noho - Bond No. 9 - because my other fav only sells in Europe
b) Chanel No. 5 - Chanel
c) Beautiful - Estee Lauder
d) Opium - Yves Saint Laurent

20) What did I want to be when I was little?
a) Ballerina - my teacher told me I was too tall to dance professionally
b) Teacher
c) Spy
d) Lawyer

How'd everyone do?


  1. Sunshine is a fine name for a feline.

  2. Well, I got several right! I think 7 or 8. Not too bad, for only meeting you once!!LOL
    How are you doing? Hope you're still healing, my friend..

  3. I got ten outta twenty right...or wrong...whichever. Not bad. But how could you like Mulan better than Beauty & the Beast? Whu-whuuuuut?

  4. I'm just here for a martini....now WHERE did i set it down???