The Good, The Dad, and The Ugly

What is it about men? When they help out around the house, do they all only do the barest minimum to squeak by? Do they all subconsciously sabotage our organizational systems by trying to be "helpful"? Do they all unwittingly instruct the next generation in half-hearted attempts at housework?

How many times have I come home to smiling faces and been greeted with "Daddy helped us clean house today" only to find dust still on the coffee tables and dust bunnies mating in the corners?

Just this morning I grabbed a set of sheets from the linen closet to change the only twin bed in the house when I realized it wasn't a twin set but a full set that had been mixed in with all the twin sets. When I got flustered and started quizzing the only other person who folds the linens, he retorted that the closet was too full with all the new towels I've bought. The last time I got new towels was almost three years ago.

I sometimes feel like I'm living with the Bill Cosby-"Chocolate Cake for Breakfast"-style of father whose mantra is "Do it wrong the first time and they'll never ask you to help them out again."


  1. The man's job in this situation is to expend the maximum effort by making the phone call to procure the maid!

  2. Laoch, Better words were never spoken!

  3. MAID....yes!! {I think my nipples got hard.} I wish I could afford a maid. To be able to come home to a clean house at least once or twice a month. *sigh* One would think that one person and one dog could keep their own space clean, but, one can't. At least, THIS one can't. I'm Pigpen from the Peanuts cartoon.

  4. Mitch is the only one of us that can actually fold sheets, so I don't mind one bit!