God Help Us

Make sure your car insurance is up to date and your will has been written and signed. My second daughter got her learner’s permit over the weekend. God help us all.


  1. You have my sympathies- we just launched our last child on the road in Jan; you want to trade insurance bills? (He's only an 18 yr old male new driver without a C average :-P )

  2. Good luck with that! What does having a teenage driver do to your insurance rates? Remember I am asking from the standpoint of someone who will never have this happen. How do you handle the insurance and gas and licensing and all that, do you work it so that the daughter contributes towards the costs/responsibilities? Am I too nosey? You can tell me that too, just remember this is something I am never going to experience, I am just curious. Thanks.

  3. I classically had my first accident following my driving test on my way home from the DMV clutching my new license. Fortunately it was just a fender bender but I was kind of scary on the road for a while I fear.