And Now For Something Completely Different

I should have gone back to the paid workforce years ago.  In the eight days since I began working, I've lost three pounds.  No exercising.  No dieting.  Just working.

My theory: There's no kitchen to walk through and nosh all day.  There's no snack time for me when the kids get home from school.  There's no drive-thru Mickey D's, either.  Which was, is, and (hopefully not always) will be my downfall. 


  1. Homeostasis will be achieved. Hopefully you will be able to go to the gym some to balance things out a bit.

  2. Well I know where those lost pounds are and there's a few more here as well. In the 5 years since my accident I seem to be finding all sorts of extra pounds and my doctor doesn't believe me when I say I don't know where they came from!

  3. This must be the day for the big mac cravings. Including my own, you are number 4 for the day. Maybe we should check their stock ratings.
    In my old office, we all started to balloon, and the reason for that was that wayyyy tooooo many people started bringing in all sorts of goodies. I think it was a conspiracy.