Ask Me How I Lost 10 Pounds in 10 Minutes!

I had been carrying around 10 extra pounds.  But today, I lost all that weight in about 10 minutes!

"Inconceivable!" you might say.  "How did you do it?"

Easy.  The nurse cut off my cast.  Freedom!!!

Not so fast.  The doctor unwrapped the finger to reveal a Frankenstein finger with ugly black stitches running down the length of my finger.  The scar looks angry.  Hopefully it will heal well.

Since it still needs time to heal, and since the stitches aren't ready to come out, the hand doctor rewrapped the finger, lashed it to my middle finger with surgical tape, and splinted it with a cushioned piece of metal running down the back of my hand.  Another week until the next follow-up visit to have the stitches removed.

No, cute Dr. MCL-Injury was nowhere to be seen.  Even though he told me it looks like a grenade went off in my hand, I should probably watch to whom I tell that story.

Yesterday in the cafeteria line waiting for my BLT on toasted white, a Capitol Police officer asked what happened.  I told him my story (at which he winced - they all seem to do that) and the grenade part (at which he didn't wince).  He raised his right hand and said, "I know something about grenades going off in your hand."

I winced at his years-old-but-still-angry scar where his ring finger and pinkie should have been.


  1. Whew, what a story. Guess I can unwrap all those hangers I was going to send to you ;)
    XOXOXO Have a good and restful weekend

  2. Oh My, how often do you meet someone who had a grenade go off in thier hand? Gives me shivers.

  3. I was so not expecting a typo from you so I couldn't IMAGINE how you lost 10 PONDS. It doesn't take a whole lot to confuse the hell outta me nowadays. Ugh. My brother used to tell me he could help me lose 25 lbs of ugly fat - but I would have to let him cut off my head. Aren't brothers great?

  4. Perspective is a good thing but doesn't change your pain. Still praying for good healing and total use of your finger. hugs

  5. I guess that is a tiny bit better than telling a cerebral palsy joke to someone whose sister has it. Which I did once. And he was my supervisor.
    I wonder why scars are angry? They get attention; they should be happy. Or arrogant.

  6. @Angie, Hahaha! I changed it. It was the pain meds typing. LOL

  7. Ouch, I hope by this time the plaster's off and you are feeling a bit happier about the whole business.
    Sorry I've not been visiting, but had a busy week. Take care.