Leave Them High Heels On

The skirt from today's suit has a leather-edged zipper in back that zips from both ends.  One continuous zipper with a half inch of black leather on either side.  To make a kick-pleat, pull the zipper up from the bottom hem as high as desired. 

Today's kick-pleat couldn't be too high because of my stockings.  Yes, real honest-to-God stockings.  With lace at the top around the top of my thighs.  Too much of an unzipped kick-pleat and the lace tops peek through.

Bending over to retrieve a pencil that fell from behind my ear, the zipper decided on its own to take that opportunity to slide itself all the way up.  My skirt began to slide forward from my hips.

It's amazing how fast a person can stand up and turn around!  My hands quickly found the wayward zipper and slid it back to kick-pleat length while my eyes gazed around the room to see if anyone noticed my impromptu mooning.

As Shooter Jennings would sing, "Get outta that skirt, but leave them high heels on."  Oh, dear!


  1. HAHAHAHA, what a visual! Now that's the way to reenter the working world, oh yeah!
    I have to ask (probably shouldn't but will): I know those stockings and I have a slew of them, but the problem is, that darn top stretches out and doesn't cling after almost the first wearing. Drives me nuts! Love the look of them but hate the droop. XOXOXO

  2. Well, that would make an impression on the boss/staff, but I'm guessing not really the one you want to make!!lol I hope the first week isn't too overwhelming, when aligned with all the things not getting done at home. I'm so proud I can brag about having a friend on "the Hill"!! Might want to get a safety pin next time to put across the zipper from underneath, so it can't go up like that.. just sayin'... little insurance for just such an occasion!

  3. I got tickled-- and it reminded me of myself wearing a hook and eye top out in the world only to have the cussed thing start unhooking itself! I had a good..and no exaggeration, 2/3's of the hooks undone at any given tine, It was highly embarrassing and I had to keep my hands up clutching the edges of the top together until I could get home which was several hours.

  4. hahahahahahahahaha... sexy momma!hahahahahahahhahahaa

  5. OK - wait a minute - - you have a lace top on your stockings and you don't want the pleat to reveal this? What, then, is the point? I could see a whole men's magazine being built around ladies kicking their kick pleats to reveal the lacy top. Let's raise that pleat, and you won't need a maverick zipper!

  6. Is this the last time you wear that skirt to work??? You are a hoot.

  7. I with this new style of highly-exposed zippers was the trend back when I was in homemakin'(Home Ec). I had a terrible time trying to learn to install an INVISIBLE zipper. Dammit. I was born way too early...