Giving You The Finger (Update)

Five pins in one finger.  Not just one finger but one bone!  Crushed.  Smashed.  The word Broken doesn't really describe it.

My cast is twice as large as the original that the ER doctor put on.  It weighs in at ten pounds.  There are few tops or dresses that will fit over the "claw".  If it were summer short sleeves would be appropruate.  Of course, if it were summer, there would have been no ice to cause a fall.

Oxycontin is now my best friend.  And my worst enemy.  It kills the pain.  But it makes me loopy.  And tired.  Very tired.  Caffeine is back in my life after an almost-twenty-year hiatus.  Ack! 

I am so ready for this effing cast to come off.  I'm about to the point of ripping it off myself.  If you hear a loud scream during the night, don't worry.  It'll be me.  Not from pain or agony.  But from frustration and lack of being able to scratch my forearm.


  1. Wow.. how are you doing the new job with oxycontin and one hand?? Sucks. I hope you are a quick healer! Take vitamins, zinc and calcium with Vit D! Make it heal!! Concentrate all your healing vibes on it!! LOL Prayers going up..

  2. hang in there, this is really just a short time frame of your life, it won't be forever!!

  3. I broke my thumb a few years back and after surgery to repair it they put a huge "soft cast" on that went all the way to my elbow. I was lucky that it was in two parts, held in place with an Ace wrap, because I could take it off to scratch that arm before it drove me out of what was left of my mind. I also got real good at re-wrapping it, so good in fact that my doctor never found out I'd been taking it off.

    I know this sounds easy to say but take it from one who has spent a good part of the past half century in plaster or fiberglass at one time or another: hang in there, it'll all be a distant memory before you know it.

  4. OH I am so SORRY! I keep missing things and right now I don't know what happened to you. But I sure am sorry it did. (((((HUGS))))) and prayers.

  5. Good grief, I know it's driving you nuts. Here's a way to scratch that itch down in that cast that just won't quit. A coat hanger or anything long and smooth like that. Just slip it into the cast and scratch gently. Worked for me with a 3-way compound break in my leg some years ago. Worst 3 months of my life, and all in summer.

  6. Oh Yes You Needed to be grounded!!