Here We Go Again

Parents die before their kids.  That's the way it should be.  It's not always that way.

Christina-Taylor Green was too young to die.  Her parents should never have gone through what they've been through.  The only good thing that came out of her death was that her donated organs have already saved one child's life somewhere on the east coast.

Last summer, a friend was diagnosed with stomach cancer.  With a wife who couldn't take unpaid leave from work, I sat with him, tried to get him to walk, and helped with his meds and his feeding tube.  At his funeral, his eldery mother was completely distraught. 

Now death is lingering around our neighborhood again.  Just yesterday came an email from a husband telling me to tell the other neighbors about the wife's diagnosis.  A non-smoker, she was diagnosed with lung cancer which has spread to her liver, spine, hip, and shoulder blade.  Her children are 7 and 3.  Her parents still live in Massachusetts.

There should be a law that no parent should bury a child.  It's far too inhumane.  You can see it on the faces of John Green, my friend's mother, and any other parent who has survived a child.


  1. Very true, indeed, Gaelic. What I'd like to see even more is a law prohibiting cancer in this world. I lost my mother to that just barely over a year ago and then 3 more friends this year and another from a fall. Ungodly it all is and ugly as sin. I have been the sole caregiver to 2 people now and I'm the last in my family and wonder who will do this for me. There oughta be a law, as the saying goes.

  2. I read a passage one time that has stuck with me. I hope the originator will forgive me as I have no idea where I read this so cannot credit the author, but...

    To lose a parent is losing your past.
    To lose a spouse is losing your present.
    But to lose a child is to lose your future.