Hit Me with Your Breast Shot

Homecoming at the local high school was last week.  As part of the Leadership Club, Deirdre chaired the dance committee.  Yet she still participated in the other activities during the week leading up to the game and the dance that night.

Some of the girls in Leadership decided to cheer on the football team at the game by painting their midsections (between sport-bra and waistband levels) with the letters of the high school mascot.  You've seen guys at football games with letters on their tummies spelling out GO TEAM or some variant thereof.  Except these were all girls.

I didn't think much of it; in fact, I thought it was a cute idea.  Until I saw a picture of the girls in the Leadership room before the game. 

I have to hand it to them.  They know what Awareness Month October is.  And they even captioned the photo appropriately.  But when four of the girls (with Deirdre as the "S") spell out T-I-T-S and file the photo in the "Save the TaTas" album on one girl's Facebook page, I have to wonder if they spelled that out while in the stands as well. 

Nah, I would have known about that when the vice principal called to have me come pick up Deirdre from the game.

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