Whoever Heard of a House Without Things?

It was the photo on the animal shelter website that won me over.  He was perfectly black.  Black cats hold a special place in my heart since The One Who Came Before was also perfectly black.

He had a sister and the pair couldn't be separated.  She was black and white like a Holstein cow.  No matter.  He was black.

But that was false advertising.  It wasn't until the adoption was finalized and Thing 1 and his sister Thing 2 were part of our family that we found out he wasn't perfectly black.

Thing 1, all male cat that he is, sports a white bikini.  One white patch between his front legs and one white patch between his back legs.  When he's sprawled out in the floor for a good long stretch, there it is.  His bikini.

Thing 2 doesn't mind that Thing 1 wears a female version.  She prefers to run around the house like a little nudist.  Somehow, someway, Thing 2 must have opposable thumbs because she manages to get her pink collar off about once a week.  The search for the collar ensues while she prances around nude for however long it takes us to find where she hid it.

That's a quick synopsis of our Things.  Whenever they do something amusing (or exasperating) they'll make an appearance in the blog.  But for the most part, their antics are mostly conventional:  lying down on the newspaper you're trying to read, walking across the computer keyboard before you've saved your document, sleeping between your legs at night so that you can't roll over.  And either showing off his bikini or wandering around the house naked.


  1. I enjoyed this cat blog. We do like photos too of cats. It sounds like the male cat has unusual markings. Thanks for sharing.

  2. @G-Granny - I'll work on the photo thing. The last time I tried to upload photos to the blog (from our summer trip to Scotland and England) I failed miserably.

  3. I LOVED this! I absolutely loved learning about Thing1 and Thing2 and the bikini and the nude running around.

  4. Cats are funny creatures...we have an animal shelter here that has a webcam set up that you can play with the cats for two minute intervals. What a way to kill some time! :-)

  5. I LOVE cats. I miss my three terribly. It's been a year since I lost the last one.. I'm resisting getting a new one, because I usually just let God bring one home.. We shall see....:)

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