A Month of Birthdays


5 - Maeve, 13
9 - John Lennon, 70 (as if that tidbit had managed to escape anyone's attention)
11 - Deirdre, 17
12 - Colin, 46 (Mr. Gaelic's brother)
13 - our proposal anniversary and marriage renewal (not a birthday, but still)
20 - Viggo Mortensen, 52 (be still my beating heart)
26 - Jaclyn Smith, 63 (she was the Angel I most wanted to be)
29 - Kate Jackson, 62 (my second favorite, I didn't want to be blonde)
31 - Juliette Gordon Low, 150 (because where would we be without Girl Scouts and Girl Guides)


  1. & my Barbie's is the 15th! She will be 17

  2. We were pregnant at the same time!!! Another reason we click so well.

  3. My Mom (Oct 3rd). I love this month and Viggo makes my heart beat faster too :)

    P.S the tattoo didn't hurt too bad.

  4. I had mine scattered thru the months up September. :-)

  5. My eldest niece is the 10th! We did a Jappanese steakhouse for Teppanyaki.. We love it.. Hope you're doing well.. how's your back been?

  6. I've got 6 family & friends' birthdays this month, the biggest one being my mom's 50th at the end of October, I'm still not sure what to get her & I haven't exactly got long to go.

    I'm trying not to leave it to the last minute this time around, but its just what I do well. :)