Sex, Beer, and Rock & Roll

Oktoberfest!  Prost!  The first Oktoberfest was 200 years ago yesterday.  Time to break out the brats, the wursts, and the beer. 
One good thing about sending my daughters on German-language exchange trips is that they come home having, legally in Europe, tasted good beer.  That's good because, when they come home and are offered typical American beer, they turn up their noses at the colored-water that passes as beer in America.
Now, just in time for Oktoberfest, one brewery has come out with limited-edition beer bottles that reveal special designs under black light.  If you're lucky enough to visit the select bars (I couldn't find a list of which bars) in Hotlanta, Beantown, the Windy City, Vegas, L.A., Miami, NYC, Palm Beach, Philly, San Diego, San Francisco, or Washington, DC, and you order yourself a Heinie in an aluminum bottle, be sure to ask the bartender to flip on the black lights.
But be careful who you're standing next to and just how low-waist her jeans are.  It seems that some women are getting black-light-only vattooes.  Really, now!  Who has a black light in their bedroom? 
The last time I saw black lights anywhere was at Wetlands, a club in TriBeCa that also had a Fisher Price Chatter Telephone on the bar.  That was a great place to see uber-talented musicians start sets around midnight and play until 4:00 a.m. at times.  R.I.P. Wetlands.
But I never ever heard a good German drinking song on the Wetlands stage.  Without jumping on the next Lufthansa to Munich, does anyone know where I can find a good German band?


  1. Milwaukee in some ways is like an outpost of Germany and still has a huge German population with the accompanying bars, restaurants and music.

  2. Have to say I have never heard of a drive thru tax. Do you have that?

  3. I've never checked. Next time I hit McD's I'll look at the receipt and report back.