The Naming of Gaels

There has been an uptick in the number of readers on The Writer's Kaffeeklatsch recently.  It's about time to reintroduce the main characters and the bit players around here.  This is where a disclaimer needs to be.  Although many of you know my actual identity, I write this as an anonymous blog to keep Internet stalkers at arm's length. 

First off, we are the Gaelic family because of both my husband's and my combined heritages.  We both have roots that stretch back to Scotland and my roots go into Ireland.  But we're also continental as well with French (me), Dutch (me), German (both), and Swiss (me).  So far my genealogy research hasn't turned up any other countries.  Not even that Indian princess that almost every American family claims to have hidden away in their ancestry.

Me - I've never referred to myself as anything other than Mrs. Gaelic or Mom, Mother, Mommy, or Wifey.  If I ever decide to give myself a name on here, you'll be the first to know.

Mr. Gaelic - My husband and father of my children.  I've never called him anything except Mr. Gaelic.  And yes I refer to him as Mr. _______ sometimes around the house, just because.

Finola - My eldest daughter who is currently in her first year at university in New England.

Deirdre - My middle daughter who is a handful.

Maeve - My youngest daughter who just became a teenager.

Now the bit players.

Flannery - Mr. Gaelic's older sister.

Colin - Mr. Gaelic's younger brother.

Mr. Boss - Mr. Gaelic's boss.  Wow, I was so original there.

Facebook Former - My former boyfriend prior to dating Mr. Gaelic.

My mama - My mother.  Duh.  She passed away in 1993 from a brain tumor.

My daddy - My father.  Ditto.  He passed away in 2008 from congestive heart failure.

Those are the folks that have been mentioned in more recent blogs.  There are sure to be other folks that I'll write about and "name" at the time.  If you couldn't tell, the names have been Gaelicized to protect the innocent.  And the not-so-innocent.

Now, getting back to my "name".  Suggestions anyone?


  1. Oops! I left out three very important characters. Thing 1 and Thing 2 are our cats. Baby is our doggie.

  2. Info on thing 1 and 2 please...lol No suggestions on your name....I like 'The Gaelic Wife'....Thanks for your visits, Mom and Me, Kassey

  3. There's probably been an uptick in readers because there's been an uptick in writing!!LOL Siobhan might be an appropriate name for you.. or Ballerina, Thumbelina, the Traveler... Don't really know that you need a name on your own blog!hehe

    shorain was the security word.. actually sounds like an appropriate name!

  4. Fine example of what the Poet Henry Reed would call, "The Naming of Parts."

  5. @G-Granny - Great suggestion for Monday's blog. Stay tuned.

    @Jean - Siobhan was on the top of my list.

    @Laoch - I was thinking "The Naming of Cats" only because I'm partial to Old Possum's Book of Practical Cats.

  6. I think too that many of we Spacers are finding one another here on Blogger. I love finding friends I lost when they left last year.