Ready, Willing, and Table

When the boss invites you to join him and his wife for a play, you don't say no.  When your husband calls to tell you of your evening's plans, you pull out the theatre-ready dress and heels and meet him downtown. 

Mr. Boss is the managing partner of Mr. Gaelic's Fortune 100 employer.  He regularly entertains clients which is how we came into the picture.  A client cancelled on him at the last minute.  Better than letting the seats sit empty, he offered them to Mr. Gaelic.

Mr. and Mrs. Boss would meet us in the theatre lobby 15 minutes before curtain.  Why so late?  Mr. Boss had to assist his daughter's hockey practice.  To have Mr. Boss apologize to Mr. Gaelic for not being able to take us to dinner beforehand was quite humbling.  Knowing that the big boss still makes it home to help with hockey practice is priceless.  The Company really tries to be family friendly.  And usually succeeds.

Not having dinner with Mr. and Mrs. Boss just meant that Mr. Gaelic and I would have a table and a conversation to ourselves.  Dinner and a play.  Not bad for an impromptu evening out.


  1. All's Well That Ends Well with Marsha Mason and Paxton Whitehead.

  2. What a great evening! I'd say it was a great perk for working there! Hope it was good, and you enjoyed it! I love Marsha Mason!