Menu Plan: October 18 - October 24

Sorry to disappoint but there will be no menu plan nor accompanying grocery store trek this week.  Mr. Gaelic is heading off on a business trip on Wednesday.  I leave on Thursday heading toward New England for Parents' Weekend at Finola's college.  Deirdre and Maeve will be more than likely ordering take out from the neighborhood Thai restaurant.  Deirdre has them on speed dial on her cellphone.

The next time Mr. Gaelic leaves for a multi-day business trip, the menus for the week will include plenty of cruise food.  Until then, it's just "fend for yourself" week around here.


  1. Parents weekend sounds adventuresome. I know that I would have done anything to keep my mother from attending such an event all those years ago, but I am sure that Girls are different.

  2. @Laoch, I hope girls are different. If I could lay my hands on it, I'd share an article on how to avoid embarrassing your kids at parents' weekends from the New York Times recently. In essence, it said something along the lines of "Stop breathing, Mom, you're embarrassing me".