The Mines are Alive with the Sound of Music

I don't watch TV.  But yesterday was an exception to the rule.  I just had to see the last miner emerge from his home tomb of the last 69 days.  Joy!  Elation!  They're all safe.  Except for possibly the one whose wife didn't meet him at the surface because his mistress did.  Boy, did he look unhappy to be freed.

For one of the few non-TV watchers in America, I can fake my way through it pretty well.  Sue vs. Shue?  The Situation got the boot?  It's mostly through an osmosis process known around the world as "reading my Facebook feed". 

To know who Sue and Shue are might put me into the Gleek camp were it not for the fact that I've never seen the show, don't know when it comes on, much less what channel.  But you'd think that I live with a house full of Gleeks.

Before Finola went away to college, her study habits included doing homework while having clips from Les Mis, Rent, or Jesus Christ Superstar playing in the background.  Her interest in music was reflected in 13 years of piano study, 3 years of pipe organ study, and a legacy of introducing Maeve to Avenue Q.

Last night as I was watching the repetition of the Phoenix being lowered and raised through that 22" hole, music from Rent and Les Miserables floated in from the library.  My mind knows that Finola is not in the house.  But I turned around to look, half expecting to see her at the desk doing homework.

Instead it was Deirdre.  Listening to the music that her older sister loves so much.  Either Finola's choice of music impressed Deirdre enough so that she enjoys it or Deirdre misses Finola and can't or won't consciously acknowledge it.

Either way, it was quite nice having my own personal Gleek fill the quietness of the waiting time while each miner was hoisted to new life.


  1. It was truly a blessing that the miners were freed. I remember years ago as did many I'm sure when Baby Jessica was rescued from a well. As I recall, it was reported that they heard her singing.

  2. I am soooo like you on this! I don't watch TV, but it's too easy to learn by reading MSN.com and FB. I don't understand the allure of all the reality stuff.. or most other stuff! I watched some of the miners, too. They're evidently innundated with offers, money, gifts, etc. It's wild. Sometimes TV can be a good thing..but not often.
    I'm sure Finola misses you all, too.

  3. I watch 3 hours a week of television. Sorry to say it's DWTS. No roof will cave in and no lightening bolt will ht me when I write that for it is true.