It Was a Dark and Blonde-ish Night

This one time, at band camp . . .  Wait.  Let's start again.

Last night after dropping off one daughter at a babysitting job and returning to find the other daughter and her friends prepping for the football game, it was supposed to be a relaxing night in.

The agenda was full of ideas:  a quick catch-up with certain friends who were online, a really long decadent bubble bath, a cup of hot apple cider and a new book, a lap for Thing 1 and Thing 2 to take turns warming.  Ah, bliss.

But Murphy's Law kicked in.  Flip on the computer.  Log into the various mail accounts.  Suddenly all the fire alarms in the house go "beep" once then the house goes dark.  Immediately, the generator next door clicks on and starts humming away.  You should see the size of that generator.  It's big enough to power the entire block.  But no!  If this was grade school, their report card would say, "Doesn't play well with other." 

A quick visual check outside confirms that the whole block is without power.  Lovely.  Somebody has to report the outage.  In the past, it's been that the neighbors assume someone else reported the outage.  But what's the power company's phone number?

That's okay.  My web browser is open.  I'll just look it up online. 

Ever have one of those blonde days even if you've got more red in your hair than blonde? 

It took me a few "Why won't the page load?" before realizing that the modem, which is plugged into an electric outlet, doesn't work if the power is out. 

Good thing the rest of last night's agenda could be accomplished sans electricity.  Bubble bath by candlelight.  Cider heated on the gas stove.  Reading by candlelight.  Thing 1 and Thing 2 on either side of me like anchors trapping the warmth under my blanket.

Ah, bliss, after all.


  1. Sounds decadent in a 1920s sort of way!

  2. I like a minor power outage every once in a while. The world just sounds different.

  3. THere's nothing wrong with being blond!

  4. @Tracie, absolutely right! Although having blond eyelashes means mascara every single day. Buy Maybelline stock. I keep them in business with Great Lash alone.