Cussing Is Cussing No Matter the Language

My eldest child is a whiz at languages. She had four years of French before switching to Art and is in her fifth year of German. At breakfast this morning she realized she needed to hurry to make the school bus.

"Schei..." she exclaimed.

I glared at her. "I don't care if you can cuss in three different languages, don't do it at the table."

"I wasn't. I was saying Schrei which means scream."

"No, you weren't. You were about to say Schei├če."

She laughed, knowing she was caught by a mother who had only one year of German in college. Then she smirked and retorted, "I'm going to learn how to cuss in some other language and you're not going to know which language so you won't be able to look it up to see what I'm saying."

Spurred on to knowledge by showing up her mother. I'll take it.


  1. LOL!! Got to stay one step ahead all the time, to spur them on! Good job, Mom!hehe whatever works..

  2. It is amazing how useful those curse words are. When I went to school in Paris many years ago the most fruitful thing I did at first was get some local girl to teach me how to use profanity fluently. It made me fit in much better.

  3. LOL

    Sacre bleu!

    or something like that.

    Yay ya moved the stalkometer! Thank ya. It was unnerving seeing myself everytime I visited. :P

  4. Eine schlecht apfeln? Nein?


    I just about exhausted what I remember from years of Deutsch in high school and a semester of it as an undergrad.