I'll Take Farm Animals for a Thousand

Having a sick child stay home from school is getting harder and harder the older they get. Usually I have lunch either with friends or with the newspaper. I don’t have lunch with just my youngest child and me very often at all. But it happened yesterday when a nasty head cold made the thought of going to school miserable.

As we sat down to a salad (moi) and Spaghetti-O’s (her), the questions began.

“Do you know what a dog does when it goes like this?” She proceeds to pant with her tongue hanging out.

When I knew the answer, she upped the ante with, “Do you know what a horse can’t do?”

Talk, was the first thing that ran through my smart-assed brain. But I restrained myself and said, “No, tell me.”

“A horse can’t vomit.” She then told me in great detail about a horse’s digestive tract.

We talked about other things for a while as we finished up our lunches. Then she looked at me and asked, “Can chickens burp?”

I’ll be so glad when she’s well enough to go back to school.


  1. I remember having a similar conversation with my mom 40 years ago or so. I stumped her with the query "can elephants swim?" (they actually are quite good swimmers). I was certain that my mom was fascinated by these factoids, but it seems ...

  2. A beautifully wrought vignette, Gaelic Wife...

    My 16 year old son is at home today with a sore throat, I have recommended he just sleep it out, so he feels better, when really it is so I can be on my own!

  3. She didn't know if chicken burp. I certainly don't. Any farmers out there know the answer?