Folly and the Beav

If you're not a hunter or fisherman, you probably don't spend much time perusing magazines devoted to the same. Some of the advertisements in the magazines can make a woman blush. Towards the back of the magazines you'll find a plethora of male-enhancing devices and supplements as well as the ubiquitous little purple pill. And of course there are some very innocuous ads that only in a male's mind can turn X-rated.

Take, for example, an ad for beaver blankets. The picture shows a woman sitting by a fire reading a book with a fur lap blanket covering her from waist to foot. "Luxurious lap blankets, pillows, and slippers handcrafted of premium northern beaver furs. The perfect Adirondack touch."

My smart-ass of a husband told me about the ad by saying, "A great way to keep your Beav warm." "From one beaver to another." "What a great beaver shot."

Leave it to a man to turn things around to sex.


  1. He could have started singing Wynona and her Big Brown Beaver
    and then you'd be running!

  2. If that add was with all other...um...adds, my mind probably would have gone there too. (Yes, sometimes I roll around in the gutter) Okay, mostly I relate this to - several years back a young girl in our community sent her pic to a "girly" magazine and the title of the section that accepted such pictures was titled ?? Eager Beaver or Beaver something - so thats why I would associate the Beaver Blanket with what your hubby said. So I see I'm rambling now -- leaving

  3. Men...see an ad with an idea and run with it, eh? Gee, I wonder if they are just wired that way? Heaven help us if we all were! ;-)

  4. I guess men just can't help it..:) And I'm kind of glad! I like them.LOL

  5. Well, thanks to my absorption of athletic dept testosterone, I would have gone there with your husband and begun giggling suggestively. It's how I roll. {sigh} I wore a new pink top to work the other day in an effort to be more feminine. You can imagine what it made my crew think of...