Unreported History

[Editor's note: Titles typed as written based on time of writing.] The media has focused so much attention on President-Elect Obama's being the first biracial president. But the media seems to have overlooked the fact that he will be one of the youngest presidents in the history of our great nation. Here is the list of presidents by age at inauguration:

Theodore Roosevelt - 42
John F. Kennedy - 43
Bill Clinton - 46
Ulysses S. Grant - 46
Barack Obama - 47

Huh? Fifth youngest man ever inaugurated president. How many of you are now older than the soon-to-be President?


  1. It is scary how much being President seems to age people so I think his relative youth is good in this context.

  2. I am younger than the now President by 3 years. I hope that I age much better than he does!

  3. I'm also just barely younger- only a year- but I'll bet I look a whole lot better than he will at the end of his term; the office of President is very aging :-(

  4. That's not fair. I'm older than DIRT, much less the new president. {sigh} I have socks older than Obama...