Exercise, My Arse

Today is the first Saturday of the new year. As with most people who make resolutions, those promises to ourselves are still fresh enough to be acted on. And acted on they sort of were at my local gym this morning.

The gym has two parking areas, a smaller one that's basically pull-in spaces along one part of the oval drive in front and a larger parking lot to the side of the gym. As I walked the dog past the gym this morning, the smaller parking area was completely full. One row of the spaces in the larger parking lot was full. However, there were cars parked along the curve of the oval in the fire zone when there were perfectly legal spaces just twenty feet away in the parking lot.

Why do people who are going to the gym to exercise park their cars illegally just so they don't have to walk an extra twenty feet?


  1. I've thought that funny too. That the old folks that frequent the gym pull right into the handicapped space and they walk laps around the gym to get a mileage and a free tshirt.

  2. Living in a big city I am fortunate to be able to walk to my gym but I always find it amusing that my gym has valet parking!

  3. That cracks me up! Weird mentality! Well, we have a gym here, but it's not very big, and the parking is all in front, and isn't ever full. The rest of us just walk in our neighborhoods. That's how you get to know your neighbors!!LOL
    Hope you're doing well, my friend..

  4. I laugh at this all the time. A lady came into the gym one day raising holy hell because she had to park by the fieldhouse as all the handicap places by the gym were occupied. She was hell-bent to park in a handicap spot even tho there were a hundred regular parking spots available. So she parked 120 yards away to come in and bitch about it. People!

  5. I'm almost finished reading a book that poses that question of yours about the oddity in driving moderate distances to gyms where they pay to walk. Verrrrrry interesting...haha